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Pretty good, but could be a bit better. I see that the line on the right side of the gun doesn't line up very well, other then that, its perfect, when does episode 2 come out? Will we maybe get to see TWO guns at once?! :O!! omg dont give it away !! :P:P

longboard2live responds:

My genius is genius.


Very funny, some of the scenes i was thinking.. 'oh, this is going to be lame' but you actually made it all pretty funny.

pretty good

that was prety good, very entertaining! would've been so much more funnier if the guy killed the kid too.

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At first i thought it was shit, but it turned out not to be too bad, the story line was completely random and pretty funny, was a good touch.


wow! thanks! this is the first 10 I've ever gotten on a submission!

awesome game

LOL, I got all time rank 14, Only Australian even in the top 100..

awesome game, very unique gamestyle, loved it.



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so generic

same old chord progression... EVERYONE uses the I iii vi vii.. Is this intentionally written in F Lydian? sooo generic

kirja100 responds:

Thank you!


This is dance? Where's the BEAT? i wanna hear the bass drum! also, strange choice of snare? why a rim shot sample? this isnt jazz, it sounded very out of place.
you got a cool keys pattern going, cool progression. but maybe change the melody from the bass line? you've just raised it by a couple of octaves?
good effort on some of the automation, although, you kinda stop all the effects towards the end.
not too bad though, not dance, but could be worked on. good job

pretty good mate

firstly, tune your samples. kick and claps sound like they are playing C. change them to fit your key signature.
EQ the kick lower. sounds like you've raised it on 120hz? boost it at 45-65.
Also you're melodies are pretty good i guess. They need some 5k frequencies though, TOO many mid frequencies :/. makes it sound so bland. keep chords at mid, you dont usually need them to stand out as such.

well that's my 2 cents.

DJ-Babokon responds:

Alright, thanks for the tips, I'll be sure to do so in later songs. :D
Oh, there was plenty of high frequency, BTW.

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Very inspiring

Wow, this is pretty amazing. At first when i saw this piece i thought it was pretty terrible, but as i look closer i realise it's a serious piece of artwork. The way you placed every line perfectly to make it look like something a kid drew. This is honestly amazing that you put so much thought into this to make it look excatly right, this must have taken many frustrating hours to accomplish. The way the lines in the womans hair is placed give the artwork movement and life, it's truly a beautiful piece. Well done!


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