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so generic

same old chord progression... EVERYONE uses the I iii vi vii.. Is this intentionally written in F Lydian? sooo generic

kirja100 responds:

Thank you!


This is dance? Where's the BEAT? i wanna hear the bass drum! also, strange choice of snare? why a rim shot sample? this isnt jazz, it sounded very out of place.
you got a cool keys pattern going, cool progression. but maybe change the melody from the bass line? you've just raised it by a couple of octaves?
good effort on some of the automation, although, you kinda stop all the effects towards the end.
not too bad though, not dance, but could be worked on. good job

pretty good mate

firstly, tune your samples. kick and claps sound like they are playing C. change them to fit your key signature.
EQ the kick lower. sounds like you've raised it on 120hz? boost it at 45-65.
Also you're melodies are pretty good i guess. They need some 5k frequencies though, TOO many mid frequencies :/. makes it sound so bland. keep chords at mid, you dont usually need them to stand out as such.

well that's my 2 cents.

DJ-Babokon responds:

Alright, thanks for the tips, I'll be sure to do so in later songs. :D
Oh, there was plenty of high frequency, BTW.


These are all nexus presets :'(.
One of the ones you used is the "Broken Saw" Arpeggio.
no effects or anything, just a plain old preset

Bacon92 responds:

Well, I did indeed use that one specific preset, some of the others were made by myself using PoiZone, such as the second lead synth and the LFO bass.


this is something like what i would make, can totally relate hahaha. If only all the effort put into this song was put into other things like the instrumentation, melody and use of effects this would actually be a great song.

You're other song was better..

I guess, it kind of sounds like video game music(not that i'd know much about video game music). Doesn't sound much like a hardstyle song though because you picked C major again then stuck on mainly major notes. I don't know if that was the feel you were going for but if it was I can't criticise for it. I really don't know much about DnB but I know the beat you used was a pretty common beat in the genre so that was alright.

The little breakdown thing you got going at ~3:00 was alittle empty compared to the rest of your song, maybe you could of added a sustained reverb on one of your previous sounds to carry on to fill in the empty space. Maybe even a quite pad to go in there instead to compliment it.

The main melody isn't too bad, but after awhile it does get alittle bit annoying, I think it would be good with a counter-melody.

2 kicks, 1 snare and 1 hi-hat sample? could have made that alittle more interesting, although some songs do use very minimal samples sometimes so you don't lose points for that.

Only 2 bass lines. Which also isn't a bad thing, BUT your bass lines were BORING and generic, plain and simple. I didn't hear a single variation in your basslines so that was pretty disappointing. One thing I do know about DnB is that they commonly have elaborate bass lines.

No variation in dynamics. Start was loud, middle was loud and the end was loud. Everything seemed to be loud. all the time. And if it wasn't loud it was either silent or extremely quite. Because of this you're song didnt build or get very exciting towards the end, it just got more boring.

3:56, that was sounding like one awesome pitch increase but then you put it at the wrong pitch! You should have put it up in intervals of 6 tones higher or another note that would compliment it(example: a note that makes up a chord with it).

All in all it sounds a bit rushed and not much thought put into it. I liked you're other song better than this because it sounded more thought out and more interesting. Straight away when I listened to this I got the vibe that it was just a bunch of nexus sample with some knobs being tweaked and automated.

SuperMechaCow responds:

Like I said, I wanted hardstyle or DnB and got neither.

Definitely not C Major, though.

And the pitch increase goes up exactly one octave. I don't know why it sounds so weird. Maybe the knob was like 0.001% off. Of course when you have a knob the size of an eraser that goes four octaves in either direction it's hard to be exact, lol.

I do agree with you about the drums and the end of the buildup. I've spiced up the drums since, but I can't get the part at 3:00 to sound right no matter what I do. I think I'm gonna give up and just insert sound clips of elephants having sex there.

Ironically, this song had a lot more complex behind-the-scene stuff and more thought put into it.

Since you so kindly reviewed one of my tracks...

First of all, straight off the bat, TUNE YOUR KICK DRUM! What is it with amateurs and picking random un-tuned kick drum samples.

Secondly how about you equalise that lead sound you have, it's clashing with your other mid frequencies making it so you cant hear it very well.

Thirdly, I don't know what you were thinking with that interlude bit? I mean, by itself it sounds pretty good but it didn't match the song at all? It sounded like it was written in a different scale, it didn't fit the previous part of the song melodically or rhythmically.
And lastly, don't be lazy and re-use verses and choruses, yes I heard it at the end. We already heard the start AT THE START, we don't want to hear it again at the end, take something away from it or add something to it to keep it interesting, maybe a counter-melody?

SuperMechaCow responds:

1: The kick drum is tuned and tuned the way I like it. Although, I think it goes out of key for just a bit in one of the parts. Trust me, I went through about 150 samples before I found that one, then it got transposed, pitch corrected, EQ'd and filtered.

2: The lead sound is just plain loud in general ans does need to be fixed.

3. If you'll notice, the whole song changes key several times. It's stupid, but I knew I was doing it. And if you listen to anything other than techno you'll find that repeating rhythms and melodies is actually quite normal (unless you're Dragonforce or a grindcore band). I composed rock/metal for a few years before I got into techno, so most of my songs are built like a rock song. In fact, I'm having my buddy who's a metal vocalist do up some vox for this track. That's part of the reason why this is such a short song, or at least compared to things like my Japalapo track, which is about 32 minutes long.

But thanks for the constructive criticism and not "ZOMG U GAVE ME A BAD REVIEW THEREFORE YOUR SONG IS DOGSHIT!!!!11"

Pretty good

Definitely not long enough, in my opinion it would be so much better if you extended everything out. especially at the interlude bit where everything quiets down, that needs to be longer so when it comes back its that much more amazing. One more thing, the volume automation on that lead is pretty distinctive, make that a little more subtle and i'd say this song is a definite 10/10.

Pretty good

Pretty much a good song, pretty decent and generally nice sounding. Although, that extremely high pitched lead distinctively panning is quite annoying and ear piercing. Turn the treble down on the EQ or take it down a few tones, or even an octave or two. The Vocal was alittle bit cheesy but it was good haha, it did the job. Pretty good what you have so far though, should definitely continue it.

Edwin47 responds:

You're right, I'll modify that earkiller sound a bit. Concerning the vocal, I used the standard "go", you can hear it in a lot of songs.

Thanks for the review!

UPDATE : Annoying sound fixed, it will be included with the next release of the song.

UPDATE 2 : You can now hear the new release.

Pretty good

As soon as it began I was thinking this is pretty rubbish, then when it got into it at :22 it started to sound pretty decent.

Firstly, I personally find those 3xosc and drum presets alittle ear threatening, but it's not too much of a big deal, it's still alright.

The song needs a better bassline! Especially at the start where it sounds empty. Like what OpenLight said in his last two sentances, this could sound so much better if the bassline was changed abit.

You're melodies are pretty nice, you have a good ear.

You're drums could use alittle changing though, it sounds like that kick drum is blasting every eighth note. The drums were what really put my off but i liked the rest in general, keep it up.


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